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Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Wraps

From Budget Bytes, this pita wrap recipe is cheap, delicious and healthy. Find the original recipe with photos here.

  By scott dinwiddie


Spicy Lentil Cakes

Sriracha or the hot sauce of your choice gives these healthy vegan-friendly delights a delicious kick!

Prep times indicated do not include the time needed to soak the lentils and rice.

  By Mary Ellen Penn

Patriot parfait with red, white, and blue

Patriot’s Parfait

Hopefully, you don't work on July 4th! But if you do, or if you want a refreshing, healthy, summer treat for co-workers in the days leading up to the holiday, these easy and beautiful parfaits will do the job!

  By Marguerite DeSantos

cowboy caviar

Cowboy Caviar

A simple and delicious recipe. Any substitutions or additions can work. Can be used as a dip with whole wheat pita chips, or as a topping to veggie burgers or anything!

  By Maura


Chard Fritters

These can be made ahead of time, then reheated in a microwave for any office gathering. You can make much smaller fritters, like "sliders," for a convenient finger food.

  By Maura


Everyone loves guacamole, so it makes the perfect dip to bring to parties or whatever. And it's super easy to make, but I guess not everyone knows how to make it so here's a the recipe. I know some people add sour cream but yuck!

If you ask me, the garlic is the secret ingredient, or finding the perfect balance of the salt and the garlic.

  By Heather ORourke

Healthy Banana Bread

I don't have any great work story about this. I've brought it to the office lots of times and everyone loves it. But I make it for my family too!

It's delicious, and it forms a yummy crust!

  By Yolanda Robinson

egg muffins

Veggie Egg Muffins

Great for breakfast meetings, if you have a way to heat them.

Of course, these are also great to make on weekend and throw into the microwave in the morning for breakfast on the go.

  By Bob Merberg

The Cutting Room Floor

Date Nut Cake

A great treat to share. It only needs a little sugar. Gets most of its sweetness from the dates.

  By Mary Ellen Penn

Smoothie with Cayenne and Espresso

Cayenne, espresso, and peanut butter are an amazing combo! You can even toss some cacao nibs in there. This is a great, healthy power smoothie. It does require a blender, ideally a super strong one like Vitamix, so it's not an everyday thing unless your job for some reason has a blender. But if you can bring a blender in for a special event, you can mix these up, a few at a time, and your co-workers will thank you!

  By Ellie Beck