Good Food at Work

About Gig Goodies

An orange on a computer keyboardGig Goodies is the brainchild of wellness innovator Bob Merberg.

After more than 20 years building some of the most successful and recognized wellness programs in the industry, Bob was charged with leading a Fortune 1000 company’s efforts to shape its dining, catering, and vending efforts to more effectively support employees’ health goals.

It didn’t take long for Bob to learn that company cafeterias, catering operations, and vending machines offered limited opportunity to influence the food culture at work. In an initial Gig Goodies blog post, Bob describes his discovery of workplace food culture and its potential to undermine employees’ wellbeing. In later posts, he describes strategies to help support all employees’ nutritional wellbeing with a participatory, employee-centric strategy.

Bob Merberg

Bob Merberg

Bob created Gig Goodies as a resource to make these strategies available to everyone — employers, as well as those of us working in offices, call centers, and other job settings. Gig Goodies embraces fresh food, well prepared. No fads. No fat-talk.

The success of Gig Goodies depends on gigsters like you! Please consider submitting a recipe. And if you find a Gig Goodies recipe that appeals to you, cook it, rate it, share the recipe on social media and, most important, bring your delish food to your workplace to share with co-workers.

Use the form on the Contact page to inquire about creating a Gig Goodies website exclusively for your workplace or a beautiful full-color, coffee-table worthy recipe book featuring recipes submitted by employees at your workplace — sure to delight co-workers and their families, and to make a powerful statement about being a great place to work.